Gamers' Club (Daily)

Join our computer and X-Box gamers club.  The computer lab is open during our lunch break for students to hone their gaming skills and challenge each other/  Fragapaloozas, as after-school gaming extravaganza, happens sporatically through the year.  Gamers pay a small fee for snacks, beverages and some hard-core hours of gaming.  A portion of the fees go toward gaming equipment.

Contact Mr. Casper 

Mindfulness Mondays

Join us on Mondays to learn about ways to relax, focus and become more present in the moment.

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Earth Club

This is a student group dedicated to finding ways to improve FG Miller's impact on the environment.

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Tree Ring Games Club (Thursdays)

This is a student group that is having a ton of fun play-testing the Tree Ring Games Role-Playing System that has been in the process of being developed by Mr. Larmand.

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Philosophy Club (Fridays)

The Philosophy Club meets during lunchtime on Fridays in Room 6. Each week a student chosen topic is discussed, and at the end of lunch we vote on whether to continue the topic next week or start a new one. Topics are chosen from the classic fields of Epistemology, Ethics, Aesthetics, and Logic. Recent topics of discussion have included:

  • How do you know that you know something?
  • When is war justifiable?
  • What is it like to be a bat?
  • Is water wet? and What is it like to see red?
  • How should you choose whether to cooperate with, or defect from, someone?
  • Is the King of France bald? 
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