Activities & Events

Library Learning Commons

Need a place to relax and get cozy with a book and cappuccino? The library Cafe is a great place to be! Our learning commons is open during the lunch break for Crusaders to read, do homework, or just visit!  

Contact Ms. Pollard

Fragapalooza Night

What is Fragapalooza?  It is a gamer's dream!  Game on our Gamers' Club X-Box and computers after school and into the wee hours of the night!  There is a nominal fee that covers snacks and beverages.  Bring on the gaming!

Contact Mr. Casper

Intramural Sports!

Play your school stress away!  Leave the classroom behind and join other Crusaders on our intramural teams.  The sport may change with the season, but the fun doesn't stop!

Contact Mr. Randall

Role Playing Games

There’s adventures to be had and treasure to plunder in Room 6 on Mondays at lunch! Embrace your inner Pirate as you get into character for the Rapscallion RPG.  Sail on, me ‘earties! Yo ho!

Contact Mr. Braga