Staff Directory

Staff Directory


Photo of Colin Bjorkman

Mr. Colin Bjorkman


Photo of Keith Dawson

Mr. Keith Dawson

Assistant Principal


Photo of Murray Boratynec

Mr. Murray Boratynec

Photo of John Braga

Mr. John Braga

Photo of Kelly Burke

Mr. Kelly Burke

Photo of Kevin Casper

Mr. Kevin Casper

Photo of Jeff Katerynych

Mr. Jeff Katerynych

Photo of Shane Larmand

Mr. Shane Larmand

Photo of Brett Lindquist

Mr. Brett Lindquist

Photo of Tasia Owen

Ms. Tasia Owen

(on leave)

Photo of Melissa Petruk

Mrs. Melissa Petruk

Photo of Jonathan Randall

Mr. Jonathan Randall

Athletic Director

Photo of Diana Richer

Mrs. Diana Richer

Photo of Kelly Sam

Ms. Kelly Sam

Photo of Cuong Ung

Mr. Cuong Ung

Photo of Brittany Ziomek

Mrs. Brittany Ziomek

(Coordinator of Student Supports)

Educational Assistants

Photo of Kathy Berlinguette

Mrs. Kathy Berlinguette

Photo of Sue Bykowsky

Mrs. Sue Bykowsky

Photo of Sandra Lauinger

Mrs. Sandra Lauinger

Photo of Morgan Nelson

Miss Morgan Nelson

Photo of John Richer

Mr. John Richer

Photo of Christine Thompson

Miss Christine Thompson

Support Staff

Photo of Jillian Kieley

Mrs. Jillian Kieley


Photo of Tracy Loughran

Mrs. Tracy Loughran


Photo of Aiyana Farrell

Mrs. Aiyana Farrell

FSLW Counsellor

Photo of Angele Morrison

Mrs. Angele Morrison

Career Counsellor

Photo of Alycia Pollard

Ms. Alycia Pollard

Learning Commons Librarian

Photo of Kale Thornton

Mr. Kale Thornton

Computer Technician

Photo of Travis Lindquist

Mr. Travis Lindquist


Photo of Susan Porcina

Mrs. Susan Porcina

Head Custodian

Photo of Rose Baguinon

Mrs. Rose Baguinon


Photo of Daisy Manuba

Mrs. Daisy Manuba


Photo of Ms. Joanne McBroom

Ms. Joanne McBroom


Photo of Kathy Berlinguette

Mrs. Kathy Berlinguette

Wapiti Concession


Photo of Darcy Younghans

Mr. Darcy Younghans