Message from Administration

We look forward to working with the students, staff, parents and community to make F. G. Miller a successful school where learning is always our first priority.

At F. G. Miller our staff will endeavour to create an environment where:

  • there is a strong collaborative culture where staff members are focused on increasing student learning and achievement and where both staff and students consider themselves learners. 
  • there will be open positive communication between staff and administration which is continually geared toward school improvement.
  • staff and parents will focus on constructively and effectively addressing any student concerns
  • everyone will be held accountable for his/her actions, behaviours and commitments.
  • the school’s culture will be moulded as a collaborative environment, fostering school pride and a sense of belonging and community.

At F. G. Miller we have the following expectations of students, parents, staff and administration:

 Expectations of F. G. Miller Students

  • attend school regularly
  • arrive to classes punctually with the necessary materials
  • make an effort to be active learners in the classroom
  • make an effort to do homework and study for quizzes and exams
  • comply with school rules
  • comply with staff requests in a respectful manner
  • be respectful to all staff and students both in and out of the classroom
  • be familiar with the discipline policy and accept the consequences of any inappropriate behaviour with dignity

We firmly believe that all students can meet these expectations with the aid of the staff and the support of their parents.

Expectations of F. G. Miller Parents

  • ensure your children arrive at school regularly and punctually
  • provide your children with lunch or funds to purchase lunch
  • become familiar with the school discipline policy and be aware of the consequences that accompany inappropriate student behaviour
  • be cooperative in aiding the school in managing student behaviour
  • communicate with the teachers and administration as the need arises
  • be aware of your child’s grades and help support improved achievement, such as ensuring your child completes homework and studies for evaluations
  • be respectful to all F.G. Miller staff during all communication (Note: verbal abuse by parents will not be tolerated at F.G. Miller School)

Your involvement and support in your children’s education is an important part of their success at F.G. Miller School. 

Expectations of F. G. Miller Teaching Staff

  • provide quality curriculum instruction to students
  • provide a safe and caring learning environment for their students
  • encourage and foster learning in their students
  • demonstrate passion for their subject areas
  • consider themselves learners
  • conduct themselves with professionalism and integrity
  • communicate with students and parents about concerns involving student behaviour or achievement as the need arises

 Expectations of the F. G. Miller Administration

  • build trust and support effective working relationships within the school community
  • work collaboratively with staff, students and school council to create shared goals
  • create a positive school culture that values and supports learning
  • ensure students have access to quality teaching
  • promote and develop leadership capacity within the school
  • manage school operations and resources to sustain a safe, caring and effective learning environment

We would like to thank you for your future support in helping the F. G. Miller staff members make F. G. Miller a great school for your students to attend.