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Who Was F. G. Miller?


Dr. Frederick Gustave Miller was born in Owen Sound, Ontario on December 29, 1884.  Along with one of his brothers, he homesteaded in the Vermilion area, but in 1912, sold his land and went back East to begin medical training.  

World War I began, and in 1915, Dr. Miller helped provide medical aide to our troupes in France and forged a life-long friendship with Dr. A. G. Ross (our arena bears his name).  Upon Dr. Miller's return to Canada, he married Cora Emerson and returned to Montreal to complete his studies and internship.  The year 1920 found Dr. F. G. Miller and his wife back in Alberta where they set up a medical practice in Elk Point that would last 52 years.  In 1922-23, Dr. Miller and Dr. Ross built, staffed and opened Elk Point's first hospital.

Quality education was very important to Dr. Miller.  He was an active school board member and represented Elk Point in the St. Paul School Division.  He played an integral part of the building of our school.  In 1961, because of his efforts, the new school was opened and dedicated to Dr. F. G. Miller.  Students from Grades 9 to 12 began to walk our halls.  In time, the grade 7 and 8 were added and we became F. G. Miller Jr./Sr. High School. His children and grandchildren have been among the students that have graduated from the school which bears his name.

Dr. F. G. Miller actively participated in sports.  In the winter, he coached and sponsored hockey teams, and in the summer baseball teams.  He was involved in our town's first curling rink and was an avid curler until the age of 86.  A golfer as well, Dr. Miller started a golf club and developed the golf course that is still used today. 

Dr. F. G. Miller passed away on August 30, 1972.  He is buried in the cemetery just across from the Elk Point Golf Course.

Now you know the story behind our name!

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