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Winter Break Extended for K-12 Students

December 30, 2021

Winter Break Extended for K-12 Students - Week of January 3-7, 2022

Today at 5:30 PM, Alberta Education Minister Adriana LaGrange announced that the Winter Break for all K-12 students would be extended an additional week (including January 3-7) in order to support a successful return to school and provide additional planning time.

The Minister reported that school authorities will use the extended student winter break to prepare for potential in-person and at-home learning scenarios, as they have done previously during the pandemic. The full news release can be viewed here.

Of note, it was also announced that the January, 2022 diploma exams are cancelled. Additionally, the release stated that rapid test kits will be distributed to students and staff, along with medical grade masks. Exact distribution details are not yet available.

Please understand this is the only information we have at this time and we will update you as soon as more becomes available. We encourage you to check back to this website.

Information and guidance to support school authorities and parents is available on

Take care everyone.

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