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Where are your books? Bring them BACK!!

Classes have now officially ended for the 2019-2020 school year and we still don't have all our textbooks and library books back! Special thanks to the 1/3 of the Crusader families who have already returned books. You have made your librarian very happy!

Mrs. Bjorkman has gone through each bag that was returned and did notice that not all books students have in their name have been returned. A few examples of these would be duotang answer booklets, duotang novel studies and library books (etc.). If you have a basketball uniform, please return them as well.

Report cards are being printed this week and will be mailed home. Your report card envelope will include the books still out in your Crusader's name. Mrs. Bjorkman did not bulk scan books in, but went through each bag and signed in books individually and compared them to the books on the screen. This means that if you receive a slip of paper with a textbook or library book title, that means you still have it out in your name. It is IMPORTANT to return your texts in a bag with your name on it. Bags and felt pens are available on the cart outside the school entrance.

Due to COVID-19, we ask that those book that are not returned by Friday, June 26, 2020, be kept at home and returned during registration dates in August (TBA).

Also a reminder that any lost and found items left after June 26, 2020 will be donated to charity - this includes the skates and helmets that have been left. So take a look to see if your child is missing anything.

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