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What a Fun and Festive Halloweek!

Last week we had tons of fun dressing up for Spirit Week and cheering each other on during our first annual Turkey Trot!

Monday was Zoom Day where everyone was encouraged to wear business clothes on the top and casual on the bottom:

Tuesday was Fandom Day - we celebrated sports teams, artists and TV/movies that we love!

Wednesday was Anything but a Backpack Day where we saw some creative ways of transporting stuff around the school. Chylar even brought in her dad to help lug around her books.

Wednesday was also the first annual Turkey Trot obstable course competition! Staff and students teamed up and competed to see who could run the course in the shortest amount of time. Team 7 were the champions and won a free meal from Nana's kitchen!

Great work Team #7!!

Thursday was Western Day, so lots of kids were able to wake up and put on their everyday clothes for this one!

Friday was Pajama Day - a Spirit Week classic!

And last but not least - Halloween yesterday!!

Thank you to all the staff and students who participated! We love your school spirit 🎉

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