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Welcome to the Realm of the Crusaders!

We have a few new faces in the Realm!

Mr. Jeff Katerynych (pronounced cat er en itch), is our new man in the Industrial Education shop. He was so excited about the job that he spent his entire summer in the Shop building projects, getting to know the materials/tools/machines, and sorting/moving items that would best suit his students (and his) needs. He even built some cool welding tables! That's right! Crusaders will be once again trying out the art of welding. Mr. K, a welder by trade, is the perfect craftsman to teach the Cru the ins and outs of this sought after trade.

He is also a musician who spent the other part of his summer getting to know the music room and is teaching Music High. When he isn't in the Shop or Music Room, Mr. K is also teaching and experimenting with our Science 14 Cru. It's going to be a busy first year for Mr. Katerynych.

We also welcome Mrs. Daisy Manuba to our cleaning Cru. She will be helping our other amazing cleaning staff keep the Realm clean and COVID free!

Returning for the year is Mr. Jarred Loughran, a former Crusader. Mr. Loughran will be joining us on October 19 as one of our educational assistants. He was on our EA sub list in past years and is making a brief stop back in the Realm before crusading toward even more post-secondary after-degree studies! He was the original King of Silvaen, and we look forward to him racking up points for his new house, Crimaen.

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