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Update #3 - Health Measures in St. Paul Education Schools

September 20, 2021

* Applies to all St. Paul Education schools and facilities

Further to the Government of Alberta Public Health Emergency declared on September 15, 2021, please see the enhanced restrictions that are being implemented in our schools.


  • Masking is mandatory for students in Grades 4-12 and all staff

  • Masks are highly recommended for students in K-3

  • Masks are still required for all K-12 students while riding a bus

  • Masks are NOT required outside

Masks Inside the Classroom

  • Face masks are not routinely required while students are seated in the classroom

  • If close contact between students, or students and teachers/staff is occurring as a result of classroom activities, masks may be used for the duration of the activity

  • If students are all seated and the teacher is in a designated area at the front of the class with at least two metres of physical distance from the closest student, the teacher may remove their mask to teach

  • Staff will continue to physically distance themselves as much as possible even when wearing a mask

K-6 Cohorting

A cohort is defined as a group of students and staff whose members are always the same people.

The size of the cohort will depend on the physical space of the classroom or learning setting. Class sizes will be consistent with what St. Paul Education has provided in the past, and there may be instances where small classes or grades are combined.

  • All elementary schools (K-6) will implement class cohorting to the extent possible

  • Grade 6 students are allowed to continue to play on sports teams

  • Two-meter physical distancing will be encouraged where possible

  • Multi-classroom/cohort gatherings such as assemblies, whole grade, or whole school groupings are prohibited

Physical Activity/Sports/Performance Activities in Schools

  • All sports remain in place

  • Students are not required to mask or maintain two-meter physical distancing during a physical activity such as physical education

  • No restrictions on outdoor activities

  • Indoor sports/performance/recreation/special interests are permitted with requirements for two-meter physical distancing, where possible

Spectator Attendance at Sports and Other After-School Activities

  • In an effort to control the spread of COVID 19 and due to a lack of manpower to monitor after school events, no spectators will be allowed

  • School doors will be locked for after school events

Other Measures

  • There are no restrictions on outdoor activities

  • Schools are closed to any/all outside use and/or rentals

  • School Council meetings will he held virtually

  • No changes to Cafeteria/Food/Hot Lunch programming

  • Main entrance doors will remain unlocked during school hours

  • All visitors must wear a mask

  • Volunteers and guest speakers are still allowed

  • Schools will encourage physical distancing when possible

Please understand we are mandated to follow AHS directives, but within this context, our goal is also to apply a reasonable, balanced approach to the extent possible.

As always, we thank our students, families and staff for their cooperation and understanding as we navigate through this pandemic.

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