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'Twas the month before Christmas...

'Twas the month before Christmas

and COVID shut down,

All the teachers and students were

hunkering down.

Then who should appear

from behind the door

A Principal with wishes

and so much more!

Heads quickly turned

as he burst in with a clatter

Bringing popcorn and chocolate

and canes on a platter!

With a jolly ho ho

and holiday cheer

He wished them luck

with the rest of the year.

He brought much attention

to his Christmas outfit

Saying Christmas brings miracles

- he did not doubt it

The Crusaders all laughed

and there rose such a clatter

The Leafs just won't do it ,

your Christmas dream will shatter!

Poem by Miss Lilly Librarian

to add to the Spirit of the our last day in school together in 2020!

The Crusaders spent their last in-school day of 2020 in a blaze of colour and Christmas cheer. We crammed the entire Christmas Spirit week into just one day - we saw PJs (both festive and comfy), ugly sweaters (purchased and home-inspired), Santa red and Grinchy green, plus semi-formal dresses and shirts. There were red and white hats bobbing down the halls like elves on a mission, and to top it all off we all got to enjoy a Merry Christmas popcorn, chocolate bar and candy cane just before lunch. No, it wasn't the traditional Christmas Brunch, but that didn't stop the spread of holiday cheer and the halls ringing with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The entire Crusader staff and bus drivers also enjoyed this holiday treat for their dedication and hard work (both now and in the coming weeks) that help the Crusaders in our Realm succeed.

Merry Christmas, Crusaders! See you online on Monday!

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