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Ten weeks ago...

Two amazing teachers got a special visit from Caitlyn 10 weeks ago! We missed the

Facebook post from Lakeland Connect (and maybe you did too) so here is the photo and the text from that post. Even though it is late, the Realm would like to congratulate these two fabulous ladies - Miss Norton and Mrs. Oracheski - who play a big role in the success of our Crusaders!

Thank you to both Lakeland Connect and MacDonald's for giving Crusaders a venue to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our teaching Cru and thank you to those who nominated them.


We did a double up this week to two AMAZING & deserving teachers at FG Miller Jr/Sr High School SPERD!

" Ms. Brittany Norton is a fabulous social teacher. She cares so much about her students and she works tirelessly to make sure they are able to do their best. She has endless patience and is an incredible teacher for all of her students. She had a student in her class test positive for COVID-19 so she had to isolate and she didn't miss a beat, she packed up, and continued teaching her classes from home that same day. Both in class, and online, and bouncing back and forth she always shows up for the students she teaches and is always amazing. She is wonderfully kind and funny and is endlessly deserving of this award."

"Although I have graduated from high school and no longer have Mrs. Carrie Oracheski as my teacher, she still deserves recognition. She goes above and beyond for her students . She always makes sure her students are successful in her class and is always available to help students who require extra help. It truly shows how much effort she puts into her job and students successes. She is truly a empathic teacher and truly cares for her students. Whenever you see her in the hall, she'll usually have a smile on her face and say hi. She is truly a teacher students will remember for a long time."

Make a teacher's week and nominate them!

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