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School Graduation Ceremony Update

May 18, 2021

Yesterday, the Alberta Government released the 2020-2021 guidelines for school graduation ceremonies. While we certainly recognize that graduation ceremonies are an important milestone for our students and families, the below requirements must now be in place:

Ceremonies and Celebratory Events

A school may host a graduation ceremony on school property, during regular school hours, following the measures below:

  • The graduation ceremony must occur on school property during normal school hours.

  • All graduating students must be from the same school.

  • All graduating students must stay with their classroom cohorts with a minimum 2 metre distance from all individuals who are not part of their classroom cohort.

  • Attendance at in-school graduation ceremonies must be limited to graduating students and school staff (e.g., no in-person audience allowed).

  • The graduation event does not include performance activities.

  • Virtual graduation ceremony options should be considered.

Individual schools will now be planning their graduation ceremonies based on these new requirements, and students and parents will be notified soon. Please contact the school should you have any questions.

The above requirements are contained in the following document:

Guidance for Schools (K-12) and School Buses - Scenario 1 (April, 2021)

All graduation ceremonies that occur outside of the school and/or outside of normal school hours must follow the Guidance for Virtual Meetings and Events (April, 2021) and the Guidance for Performing Arts (April, 2021) including restrictions on attendance and audiences.

For additional information on other in-school ceremonies, please refer to: Tips for Hosting Cultural, Spiritual and Ceremonial Events in School (October, 2020)

Please also see link: Guidance For Drive-In Events (April, 2021)

We very much want to thank you for your patience in these very trying times.

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