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Saying Farewell To The Librarian Legend

Today we part with Mrs. Bjorkman. After 33 years of sincere devotion our Crusaders bid farewell as she embarks on her next chapter. Seen above passing the keys to Miss. Alycia Pollard who will take on her new role this week.

Mrs. Bjorkman began her career at F.G Miller in April of 1989, the Realm has been fortunate to have such a moving presence throughout the years. From the computer lab to the home economics lab and to what we now know as the learning commons; each part of the building has been influenced by her enthusiasm and devotion to the students.

The karaoke, movie screenings, popcorn Fridays and of course the fantastic AR Hoard are results of Mrs. Bjorkman’s endless dedication and passion towards F.G. Miller. Not only do we part with a beloved librarian, we must acknowledge the unforgettable entity that we love and know as Miss. Lilly who has also played a magical role within these walls.

Mrs. Bjorkman and Miss Lilly, you will be missed at F.G. Miller beyond measure. We certainly hope that your new adventure gives you as much joy as you have given us the last 33 years. We wish you well and after today you can officially say you are RETIRED! Enjoy!

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