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Reading Royalty of the Realm and Dread Not AR Challenge Winners

The Time of Fire (AR Report #3) is complete! Congratulations to all those Crusaders who made their Time of Fire AR goal and an extra special congratulations to our new AR Royalty.! Crusaders' reading points are added to their House - Crimsaen, Greenslaeve, Sapphaere and Silvaen, and at the end of each reporting period a winning house is declared. All hail the House of Sapphaere for taking top reading spot in the Realm and the new AR Royalty of our Reading Realm! Congratulations to all our Crusaders that achieved their AR goal this report period.

We added an extra challenge to the Time of Fire with the Dread Not AR Challenge. All Crusaders were automatically entered in this draw once they reached 200% (plus an extra entries for achieving 300%, 400%, etc.) of their AR House goal. Fifty one of our Cru were entered and over 100 entries were eligible for the draw! Congratulations to Abigail Zacharuk (jr.) and Kobe Warawa (sr.) who each received a $50 gift certificate of their choice!

The Dread Not AR Challenge #2 - The Final Challenge runs from April 9 to June 11. Achieve your goal and double, triple, quadruple and more - you could be our next winners!

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