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Re-entering the Realm - A quick guide

As we gear up to the 2020-21 school year, please take a look at this quick guide that will answer some of the questions you may be asking yourself. Updates and additions will be posted on our website, and we recommend that all our Crusader families subscribe to our website or like our Facebook page to receive all future updates.

F. G. Miller Jr./Sr. High School Re-entry Plan


Masks are mandatory for staff and students at all times when social distancing is not possible. Any exemption must be approved by the Superintended of Schools.

Staggered Start

· Grade 8/10/12 students will attend on Sept 8th , but not on Sept 9th

· Grade 7/9/11 students will attend on Sept 9th, but not on Sept 8th

· All students will attend from Sept 10th forward

Junior High 2-day Schedule

Junior high will be on a 2-day rotation. This allows for 80-minute classes which will greatly reduce the movement of students in the hallways and locker use. It will also help reduce the loss of instructional time due to COVID protocols. Students will receive a copy of their schedule on their first day back.

Student Entry

The main doors and north doors will automatically open at 8:15 AM. Students will be allowed to enter the building at 8:15 AM, but not prior to that. Please plan accordingly. Busses will be unloaded one at a time at the main door and will be supervised as normal. Students will enter the building in single file. Those who are dropped of by parents or who walk to school may enter via the main doors or the north doors.

Student Parking

Student parking will continue as normal. Students parking in the arena lot can enter the school via the north doors and students parking in the south lot can enter via the main doors.

Parent Communication

We ask parents to use email and telephone to contact and communicate with the school and to remain outside when picking up their child or children. If a parent needs to drop something off, please call the office and a staff member will meet you outside. If entering the building does become necessary, a mask must be worn.

Student Dismissal

Students will have a staggered dismissal several minutes apart to avoid crowding at the lockers and to help with bus loading. Students will be dismissed in two different groups which will alternate daily. Final dismissal will remain at 3:17 PM.

Nana’s Kitchen

Nana Annette will be back to provide meals for our students. We urge students to pre-order where possible due to the many Alberta Health Services guidelines that need to be followed.


Students will have a staggered dismissal several minutes apart to avoid crowding at the lockers or in the common area. Students will be dismissed in two different groups which will alternate daily. Students can leave the school at lunch as they have in the past. More information regarding lunch protocols will be shared upon return.

Breakfast Program

As long as funds permit, there will be bananas available in the morning as they have their own natural individual packaging!

Change Rooms

Students will be able to use the change rooms for gym class, but with restricted capacity.

The Classroom

Teachers will assign seating plans for each class with students spread out as much as possible. However, masks must be worn in classrooms when social distancing is not possible.


Lockers will be assigned alphabetically in cohorts this year. To prevent congestion in the hallway, students will be dismissed from block 2 and 4 in two different groups which will alternate daily.

School sports

Coaches may continue with practices this fall if they are comfortable to do so and as long as they comply with Alberta Health Services protocols. Please by aware if your child is part of a community sport or activity, such as hockey, they will not be allowed to participate in school sports. More details will follow once school begins and coaches have met with our Athletic Director.

Junior High Options

When possible, students will remain in the same grouping for their option classes.

School Council Meetings

Council meetings can continue in an online format to be determined by the current parent council chair.

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