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RAKin' the Realm

The Lords and Ladies filled the Realm with noble deeds and kind words throughout the week of February 22 to 26, 2021. We had our RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) Nook located by the front desk where students could acknowledge the deeds and words of fellow Crusaders and deposit the RAK post-its they received from their classroom teachers. We had bulletin boards throughout the Realm to inspire the Cru, and posters to promote thoughtfulness toward others.

Monday morning Crusaders were greeted at the door by the decorated Crusader Common and Learning Common's windows plus inspirational notes on their locker doors. The week long event began with a pledge activity to "Throw Kindness Like Confetti" all week. Crusaders pledged on strips of paper that became hearts linked in chains that decorated our entrance. Crusaders who pledged received a RAK bracelet which they were encouraged to wear all week. During English/LA classes, RAK spearheads, Mrs. Bjorkman and Mrs. Morrison, visited classrooms to deliver Cohort Confetti. Each Crusader was given a confetti with a fellow Crusader name which they wrote a kind note to the person. The confetti were read out before being entered in one of our draws for the week. The Crusaders' mission was to thank a custodian before the day was through.

Tuesday throughout the day, Crusaders were given "Be Kind" tattoos that were generously donated by County of St. Paul and Elk Point FCSS. Cohort Confetti continued in English/LA and Chemistry 30 classes. The Crusader kindness mission of the day was to thank a teacher or support staff member for their help.

Wednesday was the peak of the week as we celebrated Pink Shirt Day! Many Crusaders wore pink shirts or other clothing items in pink, and even more sported their pink RAK bracelets. We took special hand heart photos to show our support for the day that focusses on kindness and acceptance for all. The Crusader kindness mission was to say "Hi!" to a Crusader that they didn't know.

Thursday's focus was to be the "i" in Kind! A photo booth was set up for Crusaders to become the "I" in the word KIND during the lunch break. The Realm was encouraged to pre-order a bag of special popcorn at a special price. The kindness mission of the day was to pop by the front desk to say "Hi!" and introduce themselves to Mrs. Kieley (pronounced K-EYE-LEE) our new secretary and get a sweet treat!

Friday concluded the RAK week in the Realm with TWIN Day! It was a chance for friends to become twins, triplets or quads and get a photo taken. Mrs. Bjorkman popped up some special popcorn at a special price for all those who wanted a savoury treat to end an amazing week of fun! We even had 16 bags donated to surprise some of the Cru! Thanks RAK and PINK (you know who you are)! The Crusader kindness mission was to thank Mrs. Annette McAnally (Nana) for the wonderful meals she provides the Realm! We ended the day recognizing and thanking our bus drivers with hotdogs before their last bus ride home for the week.

Throughout the week as Crusaders participated, their names were entered into draws which will be made March 1! Stay tuned for the winning names!

Time to acknowledge the staff Cru that participated in their mission to RAK 5 students a day all week long with a post-it note for our RAK nook and being involved by making pledges, wearing RAK bracelets and pink on Wednesday! Special thanks to Mrs. Bjorkman and Mrs. Morrison, our RAK team for co-ordinating the week event, Mrs. Berlinguette for all her help with the pledge and tattoo days, Mrs. Kieley for writing each student's name on confetti for the cohort confetti activity, and Miss Kryzanowski for being our photographer at our photo booth!

We hope the week inspired everyone to continue to throw kindness like confetti each and every day! We are blessed to have wonderful students and staff in our Crusader family! The week was AMAZING thanks to all of you!

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