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Orange Shirt Day in the Realm

We acknowledge Orange Shirt Day in two formats - virtual and in-school this year. The Online Reference Center has some great resources for the day. Below are text and links (at the bottom of this blog) directly from the ORC website. Be sure to check out the display case created by Mrs. Bjorkman and wear something orange on Wednesday, September 30!

From ORC...

NFB: Orange Shirt Day

Orange Shirt Day was launched in 2013 to call attention to 165 years of residential school experiences (1831-1996).

For residential school survivor Phyllis Webstad, the severing of the threads connecting her to family, community, and culture began in 1973, when the beautiful orange shirt she wore to her first day of school was stripped from her and never seen again.

Orange Shirt Day is intended to raise awareness and acknowledge the harms of the past. This day can spark initiatives to weave reconciliation into education throughout the year and the years to come, thus contributing to a more just society.

By clicking on the hyperlink below, you will find the following 4 video clips

We Were Children

The profound impact of the Canadian government's Indian Residential School system is conveyed through the eyes of two children who were forced to face hardships beyond their years.Holy Angels

Holy Angels

Jay Cardinal Villeneuve's short documentary retraces Canada's colonial history through impressionistic images and the fragmented childhood memories of Lena Wandering Spirit.Sisters & Brothers

Sisters & Brothers

Watch this powerful re-working of NFB archival material that shows the pain and loss inflicted on Indigenous people by Canada's residential school system.Every Child Matters

Every Child Matters

The NFB is proud to partner with Every Child Matters, an online youth event that honours Residential School Survivors, their families and communities. This virtual event provides an opportunity to learn first hand from Residential School Survivors, Elders, Knowledge Keepers, artists and leaders from nations and cultures across the country.

Mark Orange Shirt Day on September 30 Click on the hyperlink to view the videos listed above and acknowledge that every child matters.

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