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  • Denise Bjorkman

New Cru rounded up - finally!

Trying to catch all our new staff in one day has taken a while, but here they are - ready to rock the Realm with their enthusiasm and energy! They are...

Mr. Brett Lindquist, alumnus of the Class of 2010, returns to the Realm to teach Social Studies 10-2, 20-2, 30-2, Ph. Ed. 9, Ph. Ed. 10, and Social Studies 7. We are excited you are back to teach and to share your expertise as a coach as well!

Miss Morgan Nelson, alumna of the Class of 2015, is now our newest educational assistant. Enjoy your return to the Realm as you help our Crusaders navigate their course work!

Ms. McLaughlin, alumna of the Class of 1994, is back in the halls and classrooms as one of our educational assistants. Welcome back and we hope your are enjoying getting to know our Crusaders through helping them with concepts and curriculum.

Mrs. Farrell returns this year, but with a different name and position. She is now our FSLW Counsellor and is excited to help Crusadersin her new role and through our new Student Committee. Formerly, Miss Reeves EA, Mrs. Farrell tied the knot on June 26, 2021 at Ross Lake with Blair Farrell. Our belated congratulations to the couple and all our best! They can be seen in the photo below.

Mrs. Oracheski returns with an additional role to play. Not only is she our COSS and teaches our 10-2, 20-2, and 30-2 English, but she is now our Vice-Principal. Congratulations to you as you take on this role as one of our administrative team.

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