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Need Tech Support?

A technology update from our SPERD Division Office.

SPERD@Home Tech Support

We know technology is constantly evolving and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. As we transition into this new learning environment that can involve numerous modes of technology, we want to be available to help our students and parents as much as possible. Starting Monday, April 6, we will have our technology department available Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM to provide as much support as possible.

If you require assistance please visit our Technology FAQ page on our website. This will provide a place to address basic troubleshooting of problems as well as a few handy guides for alternate methods of accessing educational content, such as accessing Google Meet through an app on your iOS/Android device instead of using a browser. Please note this FAQ page will be updated as we become aware of other common requests.

If you do not find the answer you need on our Technology FAQ page you can contact us in one of two ways: Options If You Require Assistance:

1. Live Web Chat Go to the St. Paul Education Tech Support Page on our website and click (chat now).You will be connected to our on call tech support where you can start a live web chat on your device.

2. Call Back Phone Support Go to the St. Paul Education Tech Support Page on our website and click (call me) to leave us your name, phone number and, if necessary, a convenient time to call you, and one of our techs will reach out and give you a hand over the phone. Note that incoming phone numbers used for this service may show out of province as they are computer generated.

3. After Hours Email Support Email and someone will get back to you within the next school day.

Considerations 1. Tech support is provided for the purpose of supporting your student’s instruction. Please know we will not be able to fix hardware issues, viruses, malware or other problems.

2. Please note these services will be available between 8:30 AM and 9:00 PM on school days.

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