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Junior and Senior High Final Exams

May 6, 2021

Given this week’s announcement about students moving to learning at home for the next two weeks and the end of the school year coming soon after, we want to provide information about school final exams. COVID-19 has disrupted student learning to varying degrees throughout the school year, so we are providing the following general guidelines for June final exams in our schools. Individual schools will be advising students and parents of the particulars, but they will follow the general guidelines below:

For Senior High School (Grades 10-12) Students

For the most part, senior high classes have continued via live, on-line sessions even during COVID isolation periods or periods of learning at home. As such, senior high final exams will:

  • Continue as normal,

  • Only test students on the material covered in this school year or term,

  • Possibly incorporate a final project rather than final exam.

For Junior High School (Grades 7-9) Students

  • Individual schools will decide if they will have final exams or not. They may also choose to have final exams in select courses only.

  • If schools choose to administer a final exam, the maximum weighting will be 10%.

  • If schools choose to administer a final exam, it will be an open-book exam where students can bring in their textbooks, notes, etc.

  • Schools may choose to incorporate a final project rather than a final exam.

  • Schools may choose to break final exams into ‘chunks’ as long as all criteria listed above are met.

Please Note:

  • Students writing final assessments, regardless of grade, will be provided access to all their normal supports and accommodations.

  • There will be no final exams for any St. Paul Education students in Grades K-6.

We remain committed to working with you and providing the necessary flexibility to avoid unnecessary stress (both academically and emotionally) to you and your child(ren). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child’s teacher or school.

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