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Inaugural Week Complete - New Faces in the Realm and a Farewell

We have two new Crusaders in the Realm and they finished their inaugural week with flying colours! We would like to introduce them to you...

Ms. Crystal Su is teaching our Language Arts 8A, 8B, and Social Studies 20-2 in Room 14.

Ms. Su was born and raised in Calgary and has a BA in English and BEd with specialization in secondary language arts. She has taught ELA 10-1, 20-2 and 30-2 and spent the first semester teaching at St. Paul Regional.

She loves art, baking and road trips both near and far. She is excited to be at FGM and is really looking forward to getting to know everyone in the Realm and the community of Elk Point.

Mrs. Jillian Kieley is our new face at the front desk. Her focus will be learning the ins and outs of PowerSchool and doing everything else secretarial, so you will most likely hear a new voice when you call the Realm!

Mrs. Kieley and her husband moved to Glendon from Newfoundland in 2017, and she has worked with the Newfoundland and Alberta governments. She is a new mom to 10 month old Eleanor and an avid dog lover who owns not one, but 4 wiener dogs!

She is excited to be part of the Realm and is looking forward to meeting our Crusader families and students.

So long....parting is such sweet sorrow! All of us in the Realm would like to extend a HUGE thank you (which doesn't seem enough) to Ms. Capjack who has been behind the desk in the front office for 10 years! My how time flies!

Ms. Capjack, thank you for all that you have done for the Crusaders and staff throughout the time you have been in the Realm! It was great having you as part of the team, and we wish you all the best as you adventure to new realms and experiences!

We are sure we will see you round-and-about and hope you won't be a stranger....once a Crusader, always a Crusader!

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