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  • Denise Bjorkman

Hear ye, Hear ye - Published Crusader!

The Realm would like to give a big shout out to one of our amazing Crusaders, Kobe Warawa, for being one of the authors published in the book "Isolation".

For Kobe, the crusade began this past summer when he entered his short story into the Polar Expressions Summer 2020 writing contest. Ironically, it is called "The Quarantine Project" (written in November 2019) which is quite timely and can be read by clicking here!

The contest has two rounds. Kobe's submission successfully made the first round which enabled his short story to be included in the book, "Isolation". All the stories from the first round were then eligible for a cash prize.

Encouraged by his success, Kobe has continued his crusade and is busy editing his next project, a novel (yet to be named), which he hopes to publish once it is complete. The Realm is here cheering him on!

Do you like writing? Why to start a crusade of your own by checking out and start your adventure into the land of stories!

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