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He hung up his keys...

After 17 years of driving the bus every school morning and evening, Mr. Remi Tremblay knows every pothole, curve and Crusader driveway up and down Route C32!

On May 6, 2021, Mr. Tremblay savoured his final bus run, shut off his bus, hung up his keys, and asked his wife "What now?" We are sure they will enjoy a happy retirement and fill their days spending time with family and friends.

Mr. Tremblay brought the Crusaders on his route to school in the sweltering heat of summer, the frosty mornings of fall, the blizzards of winter, and the muddy days of spring and welcomed his bus family every morning with a smile, joked with them and asked about their day at the end of the school day. He has played a big part in our Crusader history. He raised two beautiful daughters, both Crusaders, and played the role of "Bus Dad" to Crusaders from kindergarten all the way to Grade 12 - always with the best interests, safety and care of all "his kids" who rode his bus.

His last ride was May 6, and although it is late, the Crusaders want to say thank you for making the wheels on your bus go round and round for 17 years! Happy Retirement Mr. Tremblay! You will be missed! Once a Crusader....always a Crusader!

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