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Government Issued Masks and Rapid Tests

January 12, 2022

Government Issued Masks and Rapid Tests

Dear Parent/Guardian:

As was announced by Alberta Education Minister Adriana LaGrange on December 31, 2021, rapid test kits and medical grade masks would be made available to students and staff across the province.

20 medical-grade masks and 5 test kits have arrived and have been sent home with your child. If you do not wish to keep these masks and/or test kits, please feel free to return any unopened boxes to the school.

Please note:

· It is NOT mandatory for students to wear government-issued masks or to use the rapid tests that are provided.

· Our guidelines around masking have not changed. Students can continue to wear the masks that they are wearing now if they choose.

· It is recommended that they wear medical-grade masks. For students choosing to wear cloth masks, they should be a minimum of two layers with a filter between them for a total of three layers.

· Rapid test kits can also be used by families as they choose. There is no mandatory testing for our students, and results do not need to be reported to schools.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school at 780-724-3966.

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