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Free Online Reading! AR is a GO!

We are continuing with our AR reading goals for The Time of Water in the AR Realm. English teachers will be setting the goal for each student. This will be the amount of the assigned novel study. However, Crusaders are encouraged to read beyond their novel study because your points from this year will be ADDED to your final total for the AR Hoard in June 2021! So keep reading!

Here are a few links to free online reading! Audible is free until August 31, 2020 so check it out! You can get a free public library card to access free ebooks on their Overdrive! Sign up here!

The following three links are to the Tumblebook collection - free online books!

K-6 ebook database

Username: tumble735

Password: books

K-6 math ebook database

Direct Link:

Username: tumble2020

Password: A3b5c6

7-12 ebook database

Direct Link:

Username: tumble2020

Password: A3b5c6

Accelerated Reader Quizzing

You can quiz on your novel study or the book you are reading by going to the following link.

Don't forget that the books in your personal collection at home may be AR! Check them out by going to this link:

Just type in the title of the book or the author to discover if your books are AR!

If you have any problems quizzing, please call the school or email Mrs. Bjorkman at

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