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Freaky Friday Frightfully Funky Photo Booth - A Halloween First!

Count Transfusion and his henchman, Igor, want to invite the entire Cru to dress up on Freaky Friday (October 30) in their best, worst, scariest, cutest or DIY costume to celebrate Halloween!

Stop by the Frightfully Funky Photo Booth (located by the common area display case) to get your individual photo taken for yearbook. Remember to keep your costume appropriate for the Realm! Your name will be automatically entered into the draw for a $10 credit at Nana's Kitchen - get that photo snapped to WIN! A total of $50 in credit is up for grabs. A $10 credit will be rewarded for the most creative, creepiest, funniest and cutest costumes. The winners will be chosen from the photos taken! You could be the lucky ghoul or gremlin to win a truly fearful feast at Nana's Kitchen!

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