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Feels Like -40 and Diploma/Final Exams

Grade 12 information: Diploma exams start next week.


● If buses do not run due to inclement weather, St. Paul Education schools will remain open for students writing diploma exams.

● If buses do not run due to inclement weather, we ask that students make every reasonable effort to get to their school. Alternatively, students may go to the nearest St. Paul Education High School.

● If you have questions regarding Government Diploma or Provincial Achievement Exams see Alberta Education's General Information Bulletin or call your child's school.

We wish our Grade 12 students all the best in their exams.

F. G. Miller's final schedule for grade 10, 11 and 12 is available on our website. For grade 10 and 11 exam times and length, please Click here to go to our calendar. (The double time above is for diploma exams only.) On the top right of the page change the calendar view to AGENDA. This will make it easier to see the times, locations and dates for our grade 10 and 11 exams.

A reminder to all Crusaders writing finals/diplomas that textbooks MUST be returned prior to writing the final. A cart will be available outside our Learning Commons, or they can be returned to Mrs. Bjorkman at the circulation desk.

Crusaders, please be prepared to write your finals with pens, pencils, erasers, calculators and/or any other materials you need. Please leave your cellular device in your lockers.

We would like to wish all our senior high Crusaders the best of luck on your final/diploma exams. We pass on our best wishes to those Crusaders in Grade 12 who have completed all their courses and will be moving on to enter the work force and post-secondary at the end of January.

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