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Congrats to our 2021-22 Honour Roll Students!

Presenting the honour roll students from the 2021-22 school year. Despite a challenging year, these students each worked hard to achieve academic excellence and we are so proud of you!

A very special shoutout to Ellerion Smith who received an award from St. Paul Education for being the top overall student in all of grade 9 across the division last year. Way to go Ellerion!

Here are the honour roll students by 2021-22 grade:

Grade 7: Jacob Petruk, Carson Smith, Zack Germain, Hailey Danyluk, Chloe Campbell, Nolan Ballas, Hadley Smereka. Not in Picture: Shyanne Klatt, Trace Morgan.

Grade 8: Duanne Rivera, Madden Flamand, Adasyn Havener, Ava Hillebrand, Robyn Urquhart, Jemimah Ashaolu, Vanessa Ginez, Elizabeth Smith, Kayl Warawa. Not in Pictures: Timothy Cardinal.

Grade 9: Aaron Cayanan, Cole Pierce, Spencer Malachowski, Halle Moroziuk, Cloey Germain, Ashley Lecopoy, Ellerion Smith, Adam Chang. Not in Picture: James Dreichel.

High School: Colby Havener, Luke Germain, Matthew Chang, Brittney Walton, Sadie Berlinguette, Jake Fontaine, Casey Warawa, Kayla MacCormack. Not in Picture: Shaylyn Klatt

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