• Jillian Kieley

Bus Driver Shortage

We would like to inform families of children who ride a bus that we may face disruptions in our transportation services as we move forward with the school year.

➡ Multiple factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic, can contribute to a shortage of bus drivers. Note that this shortage is widespread, affecting school districts across Canada and the U.S.

➡ Our transportation team is working closely with contractors and division drivers to minimize disruptions as much as possible, however in some circumstances it may not be possible to locate a substitute driver. This may result in routes being cancelled or delayed.

➡ We encourage all families to sign up for the Alertus App to enable you to receive transportation notifications. For more information visit our website at https://www.stpauleducation.ab.ca/transportation

➡ We thank our families for their patience and understanding. Anyone interested in training as a bus driver is invited to contact our office at 780-645-3323.

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