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Academic and Athletic Scholarships and Achievements

Congratulations to Miss Katelyn Boratynec, Valedictorian of the Class of 2020 and recipient of the Governor General Award. We would like to acknowledge her academic achievements and wish her the best as she furthers her studies at the University of Alberta this fall. Katelyn will be delivering her address at our upcoming ceremony, and we look forward to hearing her parting words to her alumni, family and friends.

We would like to share the names of the Class of 2020 scholarship recipients and nominees. Nominees will receive scholarship funds after proof of post-secondary enrollment in the fall.

Barrie Wayne McFadyen Memorial Scholarship - Katelyn Boratynec, nominee

Barrie Wayne McFadyen Trade Scholarship - Dustin Pinder, nominee

Bespalko/Scribney Scholarship - Rhianna Bjorkman, nominee

E. H. Bjornstad Scholarship - Hank Rogal, nominee

Jim Vinge Memorial Sports Award - Liam Ludlage (Grade 11), recipient

Inter Pipeline Discovery Award - Tennille Ballas, recipient

Lawrence Modin Memorial Scholarship - Kenya Krawchuk, nominee

Malcolm Robert McFadyen Memorial Scholarship - Kailey Wirsta, nominee

Premier Citizenship Award - Kolbie Poitras, recipient

Schulich Leader Nominee - Katelyn Boratynec, nominee

Steve Kuziw Memorial Award - Rhianna Bjorkman, nominee

Violet E. McFadyen Memorial Scholarship, Hank Rogal, nominee

We would also like to acknowledge the following graduates who received certificates and chairs from our athletic co-ordinator, Mr. Randall.

Sr. Girls Volleyball and Cross Country MVP - Rhianna Bjorkman

Sr. Girls Volleyball Heart Award - Georgia Bendixen

Sr. Boys Cross Country MVP - Hank Rogal

Sr. Girls Basketball MVP - Alyssa Bretzer

Sr. Boys Basketball Leadership Award - Hayden Ludlage

Sr. Boys Basketball MVP - Cody Fairbairn

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