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  • Denise Bjorkman

A Knight of the Realm Remembered

As promised, here is our tribute to Mr. Krys. The sum of a man cannot be justifiably captured in five minute tribute, but this is but a small sampling of the many passions Mr. Krys shared with his Crusader family of 30 years!

With each of us, he shared his passion for all things history, passing on his knowledge through lectures and stories told. Equal to this passion was the joy of music and the arts. He sang, he danced, he orchestrated and could play any instrument he picked up!

He showed us his convictions and care in the things he did for others. There were many big things, but there were a multitude of daily little things - making muffins in the morning, bringing in fresh cut flowers and fruit, and the impromptu performances on accordion or ukulele in the mornings in various locations in the school to name just a few.

Our slide show is in honour of all that he did and all that he was in our Realm. He touched 30 years of lives and will be fondly remembered by his Crusader family...once a Crusader, always a Crusader. His essence will forever be a part of the mortar in the stones of the Realm and in the hearts of the Crusaders past and present. Until we meet again.....

We touch each other's lives for but a moment in time. Leave a memory by clicking on this link:

To view the Krys Tribute, click on the photo above.

Please note: The tribute will be begin automatically and is accompanied by audio which will begin after the first two slides - there is no need to advance the slides - just click once and let the memories flow. Unfortunately, the audio will not play on a cellular device. For optimum viewing and listening, please use your laptop or computer.

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