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FREE Agriculture SUMMIT! Apply Now!

Join us for our all-expense-paid agriculture education summit for high school students

What's Involved?

  • Hear directly from the hand that feeds you! Meet producers, ranchers, farmers, scientists and more

  • Get your boots on the ground with tours featuring livestock, cool crops, and the innovative technology driving sustainable agriculture in Alberta

  • Be inspired to complete an Agriculture Education Project that will engage your school and community with what your team has learned at the summit

  • Learn how water, energy, and food are all connected and the challenges and opportunities the future provides

  • Meet members of the Olds College Rodeo team - and cheer them on in a live rodeo demonstration and then boot-scoot and boogie at a real barn dance

Where: Olds College - Olds, Alberta

When: March 5 - 8, 2020

Who: We invite teams of four high school students and two teachers to apply. We will be accepting 20 teams from across the province

Cost: Successful teams will be provided full scholarships to attend including all meals and accommodations. Additionally, teams may apply for travel and supply teacher subsidies

Click here to apply

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