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Crusader Teachers Present at October PD

This Crusader Clarion news item may be delayed, but we wanted to share with you an interview done by our Crusader Clarion staff. Here is the article...

Four F.G. Miller Teachers Presented at the Local PD Day

Last month during the Local PD Day in St. Paul on October 11th, four of the teachers who presented were from F.G. Miller. We interviewed each of the four teachers who presented. Several of our teachers also applied to present again at the Endless Skies Teachers Convention in February.

Interview with Mrs. Richer

What did you present about?

I showed some science activities from Science 8 and 9, such as modelling DNA out of marshmallows and twizzlers and building catapults. I also brought some of my critters, including my corn snakes, tarantula, and crested gecko.

What did you take away from the experience?

I forgot how much people are afraid of spiders. I got to teach teachers new things, as well as learned some new things.

What else did you do during the PD Day?

I attended a science sharing session with other teachers in the district. I also listened to the speaker, Said El Mejdani, who teaches in Fort McMurray. His work with students in computer programming was inspiring.

Interview with Mr. Larmand

What did you present about?

I taught how to make 3D figure sculptures with tin foil.

What did you take away from the experience?

It was a cool feeling that people enjoyed my presentation. It was nice to teach others.

What else did you do during the PD Day?

I played harmonica for a parody song about F.G. Miller that Mr. Burke wrote. I also talked to other music teachers about managing student stress and teaching students.

Interview with Ms. Owen

What did you present about?

Using dual guided questions in a student centered way.

What did you take away from the experience?

Presenting helped me reaffirm what I am doing and why I am teaching. Teaching thematically is the best, and it also helped with thinking about scheduling.

What else did you do during the PD Day?

I attended a literary discussion. I talked to other teachers and lots liked my work when I shared it.

Interview with Mr. Braga

What did you present about?

I talked about how I use my white boards to get students to think deeper.

What did you take away from the experience?

I was reminded how valuable talking to other teachers is. Learning what other teachers are doing gave me a lot of food for thought.

What else did you do during the PD Day?

I attended a numeracy collaboration time, numeracy is like the math version of literacy. It was great to see how other teachers think about math.

Mrs. Petruk, who is the Chair of the PD Day Committee, said “I was very excited to see that our teachers stepped up to share their knowledge and, I feel like it showed off all the awesome things we do at FG Miller.” Mr. Bjorkman also shared his thoughts on the day "Sharing with colleagues takes initiative and demonstrates a passion for the teaching profession … I was very proud to see four F.G. Miller teachers sharing their ideas at the Division professional development day.”


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