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Crusader Clarion News - Kolbie @ WE

On October 22, 2019, I had the chance to volunteer at WE Day Alberta. WE Day is an annual youth empowerment event. WE Days are hosted across Canada, United States and the United Kingdom. The WE Charity was founded by brothers Marc and Craig Kielburger. The events hosts over thousands of students at each event for local and global issues.

My first WE Day was in 2018. I won tickets through TELUS for sharing my thoughts on cyberbullying. There is no way to buy tickets to a WE Day event, you have to earn your way in. WE Day was such a powerful and eye opening event for me. Hearing the speakers and listening to their stories was something I will never forget. After attending my first WE Day, I knew I wanted to do something more. The next day, I found out that youth could volunteer at WE events and I quickly signed up to be on the list for WE Day Alberta 2019.

My first volunteer experience at WE Day is something I will forever remember. My team consisted of five people. Katelyn,Kara,Kathy, Akeel and Peter. They really made my experience memorable and amazing. Our team was Youth Greeting and our job was to help youth get their wristbands to get into the event as well as direct them to where they needed to be before the day started. My favourite part was seeing how excited the students were to experience the power of WE. Some of the students I talked to were attending their first ever WE Day and some were attending their fifth WE Day. Something I loved doing during the day was selling the rafiki bracelets. Interacting with the students during the event was truly impactful on my life. I am so looking forward to volunteering next year and seeing the impact it has on students and myself. Being part of the WE family is truly amazing and I am grateful for everyone I have met in the family. WE has changed my life!

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