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Picture Day is Monday, September 30 - No more Weighting for Proofs or Heavy Payments Upfront!

Weight no more! Mark Quintilio, our amazing graduation portrait photographer (seen lifting 245 lbs) will be taking all our student photos this year! Icon Experience by Lifetouch is coming to our school on Monday, September 30, 2019, to capture a special moment in your child's school year - and if the weather holds they just might be outdoor pictures! Please don't bring the snow, Mark!

Click here to see a sample of our online ordering form. One will be printed for each student and will include the student's name, grade and online code as well as when the free shipping will expire. Order codes will be available from Mrs. Bjorkman in the Learning Commons if your child misplaces his/her sheet! No need to fill out forms, insert cheques or wait for packages! It's easy and the package choices can be personalized just they way you want and delivered right to YOUR door!

The packages range from $12 - $60 depending on how many photos are ordered. After a parent spends $32 on one child they can add another sheet for $5.00. There are also specialty items that they are able to order. Free shipping right to your door!

FYI - Retake Day will be Friday, October 25, 2019!

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