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Finals Looming - Power Up with Exambank - Check Progress on PowerSchool

Yes, final exams are looming in the near future, so why not take advantage of all the online resources FGM offers. You can take practice exams on for grades 7 through 12 (password required - see Mrs. Bjorkman for the information), Quest A for grade 9 and 12 Provincial exams and other great resources. Click here to go to our website and access all the resources. Be sure to have all you need to write your finals (pen, pencil, eraser, calculator, math sets). The school does not supply these items to students for finals and it is your child's responsibility to come prepared with all the items needed.

At Spring registration we signed up parents who were not already on PowerSchool. PowerSchool is our online report card where you can check your child's current mark, missed assignments, exam results and attendance! It is even accessible on your phone 24/7! Click here for instructions on how to set up your PowerSchool account. Note: Your account must be set up on a laptop or desktop computer prior to setting it up on your phone.

Best of luck to all our Crusaders as they write their finals and Provincial exams! Don't forget to return all your textbooks prior to writing that final exam!

Note: Dates and times for exams can also be found on our FGM Calendar!

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