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MAY we be thankful for...

May seems to be the month to be thankful for and appreciate all people that make a difference in the lives of our Crusaders each and every day!

First, we have our teachers (Education Week May 5-10). Each have their own strengths and ways of connecting with our Crusaders. The work that they do with our students in the classroom is only one part of what they do to inspire our Crusaders each and every day. It's education week, but you TEACH ten months of the year and help our students step toward careers of their own. You share your hobbies and interests, allow students to see your human side, laugh along with them and impart advice to help make them better people. Thank you for all that you do!

Second, our administration team of Mr. Bjorkman and Mr. Younghans (Principal Day May 1). Yes, we see you in the halls making connections, but is it what most people don't see that inspires staff. All the work that is done behind the scenes is the reason our school is a great place to be for both our students and our staff. From making sure we have a schedule in the Spring for next year, to solving problems, and to counselling/supporting students on all things school and social related, it is incredible how much you get done in a day. Thank you for all that you do!

Third, our amazing support staff (Support Staff Day May 8) - from custodians and maintenance to educational assistants, counsellor, secretaries, librarian, and chef, each of these dedicated, hard-working people give it their "all" to provide support our teachers, but most of all to our students. They make FGM the right place to be, they share their interests, they share their wisdom and they guide and nurture students by making connections that compliment those made by our teaching staff. Thank you for all that you do!

Fourth, our bus drivers (Bus Driver Day May 6). All of you begin and end each day with the Crusaders and Tigers on your buses. You know if it has been a good day or if it wasn't. You greet them each morning to start their day and wish them a good evening as they step off the bus! Thank you for all that you do!

Fifth, our families - you send a great bunch of Crusaders to us - they have talent, they have drive, they have ambition. Your time and energy have driven your children to be the best they can be and we are proud to support you in your quest to make them into successful, responsible adults. Thank you for all that you do!

Finally, and most importantly, our Crusaders. You are the reason FGM exists. We may educate, but you inspire us to do so. We feed on your energy, your hunger for knowledge, and your ability to absorb the vast amount of knowledge delivered to you each and every day. You amaze us, we admire your commitment and you make us a bit jealous of your youth, but you keep us young and looking for new ways to make connections! We hope that some day you will return for a visit and will look back on your time as a Crusader and say....."I'm proud to be a Crusader, and I'm thankful the people that cared at FGM!"

May is definitely the time to be thankful!

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