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Future Farmers this is for YOU! Green Certificate Crusaders are FREE! Deadline to Register TOMORROW!

DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS TOMORROW! This event is coming up quickly! All interested high school students are invited to attend the Young Farmers Agricultural Safety Workshop to take place at Lakeland College in Vermilion. They can also receive one credit for the course iAGR2950

This is hosted by Ag for Life and Lakeland College.

Ag for Life is taking the registrations on-line (see link noted below and on attached poster) . The fee for high school students is $40. When registering the student will select if they are a Green Cert Student (OR NOT) . The non-GC student will be required to pay. The Green Cert student will have their fee paid for them by GC.

Registration page - click on this link to register!

(also noted on poster)


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