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A Wave Good-bye to the Wapiti - Nana's Kitchen Opens January 7!

After 10 years, Duane Zaraska and Colleen Hanlon have closed the Wapiti doors for the last time on December 19, 2018. Staff and students gathered to wish them the best on their last day in the common area. Duane told us he looked forward to serving us every morning, except for that last morning - he was sad to say good-bye to the Crusaders. We wished them the very best as they crusade onto their next adventure with cards signed by all the students and staff!

We would like to welcome back an alumna from the Class of 1981, Mrs. Annette (Wirsta) McAnally, back to the Realm. Nana, will open her kitchen on January 7, 2019 with taco in a bag for $5! For the rest of the week's menu, please see our calendar.

From soups to poutine, from burgers to hot dogs, you will experience old favourites and new tastes, plus a variety of confectionery items every day!

Families can pre-pay for their Crusaders on a monthly basis, so watch the calendar for the menu and make your lunch orders in advance!

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