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Not Many but MIGHTY!

There may not have been many, but the 30 shoeboxes we sent out on Friday, November 16, 2018, to the Elk Point Baptist Church mere MIGHTY!

These 30 boxes will be reaching children across the world in the Ukraine and Central American countries - each filled lovingly by both Crusaders and our community. The boxes were packed by: Jayci Marcoux (2), CDR Bjorkman (4), Mrs. Morrison (2), Dakota Havener, Colby Havener, Elaine Bjorkman, Gloria Lecopoy (2), Skarsen Family (2), Helen Zarowny, Marilyn Habiak, Vicki Brooker, Mrs. Loughran, Jenna and Lennyn Loughran, Dae Smereka, Nathaniel Cousins, Mr. Braga, Tammy Smith, Brooklyn de Vries, Kolbie Poitras, Elisha Sears, Stephanie Jacula (2) and Makenna Rose.

A very special thank you to Amy Noel for taking on the role of Elk Point Co-ordinator and for getting us the boxes and brochures each year, Diane Dewan for helping us to get them to the church on time, Mrs. Bjorkman for coordinating the boxes in the Realm, and Vicki Brooker for the the wonderful article in the Elk Point Review!


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