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One Stamp at a time...

Do you still get mail? Does it have a stamp? For years now, FGM has been collecting stamps to send to Oxfam Canada for their Stamp Out Poverty program. Business and individuals still give us their stamps - they don't need to be cut off the envelopes....we do that!

Oxfam collects stamps (Canadian and international) to sell to collectors around the world and the money from these sales is earmarked to help others worldwide. We wanted to share the thank-you letter and information we recently received from Oxfam in hopes that our Crusader community will get involved by saving stamps and dropping them off at the school.

Special thanks to Elaine Bjorkman at Elk Point Insurance, Myrna Fedorus, Vicki Brooker, Shaina Lee, Toni May, and Mike O'Neill just to name a few of the individuals and businesses that faithfully give us their stamps! Thanks to all of our contributors over the have helped us make a difference.

Click here to see the letter and information about how these stamps help others. Yes, we are stamping out poverty one postage stamp at a time!


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