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Pictures are LIVE! Free Shipping ends Oct. 14! RETAKE DAY - Monday, Oct. 22

Pictures are LIVE on! Use your code to retrieve and order your child's photos! If your child did not bring home his/her sheet, please contact Mrs. Bjorkman for your child's retrieval code.

Free shipping ends on October 14, but an order can be placed right up to one year from the photo date.

Your Crusader was given a personalized sheet (like the one in this blog post) with a code. This is the code you will use to retrieve your child's images and place your order. Multiple orders can be placed with ease for two or more children. There are some amazing backgrounds to choose from and the package flexibility will enable you to create a custom package with the photos YOU want! You can even do a digital download so that you can reproduce the image to give to family and friends!

All the information you need is on the sheet, but pictured is a sample of the sheet your child has brought home to you. Follow the instructions, place your order and pay online - pictures are shipped directly to your home address! A FAQ sheet can also be found in this blog for any other questions you may have.

Retake day has been scheduled for the morning of Monday, October 22. If you require a retake, please have your child return the sheet to Mrs. Bjorkman in our Learning Commons


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