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2.5 under the chainmaille...

Week 2.5 and here are the highlights and newness that we experienced in our first weeks back in the Realm!

We welcomed three new Ladies to our Crusader Court. Ms. Melanie Murtha (right) joins us as our new FSLW and is here to help all our students navigate the many twists and turns as they mature within our walls. Mrs. Kristin Blacklack (middle) and Mrs. Sandra Lauinger (left) join us to help our Crusaders find alternate ways to learn in the Realm.

Crusader sports started with some amazing wins! In golf our team finished 3rd overall at the Zone championship. Nick Anderson got first overall in the individual competition. Congratulations to our dream team of three: Nick Anderson, Kaiden Evans-Anderson and Zane Cribbins.

In volleyball, our senior boys went to the Kartz classic in Cold Lake and won the whole tournament. We played Holy Rosary in the final.

We had our first assembly on September 7 and started counting down the days until the end of the year on the sign outside the front door. We had our fire drill and lock down practices and we have even walked through a gallery of the gods of Olympus!

The Crusaders are looking forward to the last half of our first month with more news to come including our awards assembly, Orange Shirt day, more sports and our picture day!

Stay tuned!


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