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This is a blog to celebrate the Crusaders who are on the road Wednesday, April 25, representing our Crusader Realm in communities near and far.

A"THLETES" - Our three senior Badminton players (Nick, Hayden and Abby) are off to Lac La Biche with Coach Randall for Zones Badminton where we hope they keep their eyes on the shuttles and inside the lines!

MA"THLETES" - Our tag team math gurus (Mr. Braga and Mr. Bjorkman) will be heading to St. Paul with the top 8 math/science Crusaders from grades 7, 8 and 9 to crunch numbers and measure angles at the Math Olympics being hosted at Glen Avon School. We have some seasoned veterans on the Cru and new minds ready to tackle the challenges they will face in the math and science field. We hope our Crusader mathletes have a tonne of Fibonacci!!!

Our mathletes are:

7A - Joey Cardinal, Landon Malachowski, Brittney Walton, Matthew Chang

7B - Luke Germain, Colby Havener, Shaylyn Klatt, Wyatt Pavoll

8A - PiperBabcock, Merrick Hillebrand, Avery Warawa

8B - Ethan Hampson, Teaghan Jacobson, Kori Kozicki, Keith Stuparyk

9A - Kobe Warawa, Daniel Cardinal, Dakota Havener, Zoey Inscho

9B- Liam Ludlage, Mark Rivera, Jorja Theriault, Micah Urquhart, Mykaela Verenka

Best of luck to all our 'THLETES" as they take on the competition!

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