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Miss you already!

It's been 7 days since you left, Mrs. Bower-Gagne, and we are still spiraling in the void created by you not being here!

The Crusader staff and students would like The Realm to know that Mrs. Bower-Gagne, our FSLW, FNMI and Leader of PUP has taken a job in Lloydminster which will allow her to be closer to her family. St. Sherry began her crusade with us in 2010 and has been a hands-on motivator and strong student advocate since day one! Her last day with us was April 11, 2018.

We were so honoured to have you as part of our Crusader family, Mrs. Bower-Gagne. You were a very interactive, positive member of our family and we miss your smiles, laughter and high energy in our halls and classrooms. Once a Crusader....always a Crusader!

We wish you all our best as you continue your crusade to help family and serve others with your sunshine and joy for life. You have spread your branches, but your roots will remain in The Realm.

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