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Slam! Discrimination

To celebrate RAK week, here is another one of the poems, printed with permission, by Maja Harms of Grade 9 It's a simple message...

Basic White Girl

by Maja Harms

My Starbucks with the oversized hoodies, uggs and leggings

Just dating guys for their chiseled jaws and huge biceps,

but really I just wanna be an independent woman.

But you small minded idiots think I’m gonna twirl my hair around my finger

trying to get the boys’ attention

but I don’t need the comfort of having you as prince to be happy.


Stereotyping me as a basic white girl and get to know me!

Soon as a girl gets the confidence to take that oversized hoodie off,

all you small minded idiots do is stare

then you call her a slut and a whore.

destroying her self confidence she worked so hard to get.

Here’s the thing,

you put yourself in the small mindset that the world is just in black and white,

but that just basic sh***.

Just like when you stereotype that black man on the street,

thinking he stole those Yeekys on his feet,

when he worked just as hard as the rest of us to make a good life for him and his family.

STOP having that small mindset based on the colour of their skin, but more on the complexity of their mind.

Or that Asian kid that got under 90% on his test.

Making jokes that he’s not Asian when he struggles through every subject of the course.

Maybe if we learn to get to know someone for themselves,

knowing the challenges they face,

we could climb over those walls we build around ourselves.


Just because you think he is that stereotypical jock

doesn't mean he can’t have that sensitive side.

Guys don’t have to be stone cold with no emotion,

Seems like as soon as a guy cries he’s a wimp.

But the true meaning for those tears are because he can’t get enough food on the table.

STOP! Judging people by their appearance and get to know more than the


STOP acting like animals just saying these things to try to make yourself happy

when the person is wrecked, broken hurt


Stereotyping them by their ethnicity and learn to love,

We may be different on the outside, but aren’t we the same inside?

If all you can do is spit words and spread the harsh meaning—YOU ARE BASIC

But what would I know

I'm a basic white girl.


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