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Why did I get an OVERDUE notification?

No, senior high students (and parents), your books are not due yet....but they will be just before you write your final exam! You or your parent will have received an "ALL TRANSACTIONS" list via our automated LibraryWorld textbook tracking system. This email was sent just to remind you of the textbooks that you still have in your name for our first semester and that they are due back the day of your final exam in that given subject area.

This blog post also serves as a reminder that we do have that you can access to do practice exams to help you study. This site does have a username and password...just email Mrs. Bjorkman or stop by the Learning Commons for the information if you do not already know it. Our school is charged/exam, so use the site wisely.

You can also access for more sites that will help you study for your finals.

Remember to bring all the supplies you need including a calculator if your course requires it as none will be supplied. Once again, here is our final exam schedule for first semester.


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