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Think Pink!

Greetings all! PUP is gearing up to go with our 5th RAK Week (February 25 to March 3) and PINK day (February 28)! On Wednesday, February 28th, 2018, schools from across Canada will wear PINK to support the movement against Bullying.

This years Pink Shirt Day 2018 theme is centered around “STAND TOGETHER” to raise awareness against bullying in schools, communities and the world. We have the option to order PINK T-shirts from the same company that made the orange shirts for Orange shirt day last year.

Custom school branded “STAND TOGETHER” shirts for our staff, students and parents are available for $12.50 + GST ($13.15) shipping is free and $2.00 comes back to our school for Ant-Bullying Education and Programs! Awesome deal for us! We need a minimum of 20 shirts. If you are interested I will need to have your order by January 26. Check out your size on the chart below. Mrs. Bower-Gagne will be collecting your money then as well. Please spread the word!!! More PINK the stronger the message that we "STAND TOGETHER"

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