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Decked out for Christmas Week

Our last week of school before Christmas is nearly upon us! Everyone is looking forward to the winter break and enjoying time with family and friends. Before we get there, why not start the Christmas week by dressing up and participating in the following days:

MONDAY - Why make the effort??? It's PYJAMA DAY! That's right - roll out of bed and come to school! It's a great way to start the week! Wear Christmas pjs for that extra house point!

WEDNESDAY - It's mid-week so let's get on the Christmas gear - whether it is a Santa or Grinch hat, an ugly Christmas sweater or decking yourself out in red and green - bring on the jingle and get into the spirit!

FRIDAY - It is our 40th Annual Christmas Brunch and you can celebrate by putting on that button shirt and tie or that cute little dress! The tradition started way back in 1977, so let's keep it going and start the Christmas Break in style!

Don't forget to stop by the Learning Commons to get that house point when you dress up!


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